Juice Cubes Cheats

Juice Cube is taking the casual gaming world by storm; Candy Crush now has a rival. Now that Juice Cube is officially out on the market, people are clamoring for a hack or a cheat. While Juice Cube is fun and easy enough to play, the offer of unlimited gold bars (the game’s currency used to buy power-ups and levels) is a legitimate need. But the game is fairly new and even walkthroughs and tips are hard to find. Here are some Here are some solutions that will give you unlimited coin bars in Juice Cubes.

Juice Cubes Cheats and Tricks


Juice Cubes Tricks

Don’t get too excited Juice Cubers. We know that you’re in need of those gold bars in order to proceed to level 21 (why did you have to buy that useless power-up?). This site offers no solution to your problem. What it offers is a downloadable APK file. As you know, APK files are the files used to install and distribute applications in Android devices. You have to download an APK reader in order to make the downloadable APK file work. Lo and behold, when the downloadable hack file was installed it only produced a 1mobile app. No hacks and certainly no gold bars.


Juice Cubes Hacks

HacksFactory gives you access to a downloadable hack. All it does is lead you to a direct download site where you have to take surveys in order for you to activate the download. You will be taking survey after survey and no download will appear. And as you take a survey, you will be asked for your mobile phone number for them to send the activation code. This will cleverly subscribe you to their offer without you knowing it (note that it will cost you to subscribe). You have to send a text message to unsubscribe. Unwitting Juice Cubers might get in a pickle with this. So steer clear of any download site that asks for your mobile phone number.

Another great way to manipulate the game is to change your device’s time to the following day in order to gain an automatic 5 new hearts. Below is a simple walkthrough on this simple exploitation of your device’s settings:

Step 1: Go to Settings in your phone or tablet

Step 2: Go to Date and Time settings

Step 3: Turn off the Set Automatically tab in your iPhone. For Android users, uncheck the Automatic option

Step 4: Go to Set Date & Time for iPhone. For Android devices, go to set date option

Step 5: Set the date forward by a day

Step 6: Go back to Juice Cube and get all your 5 lives back

These six simple steps will ensure you that you can keep on playing Juice Cube. Just make sure that you reset your time settings to the correct time after you’re done playing Juice Cube.

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